Peace, Love, BUST! A blog to entertain the Boston University Snowboard Team (BUST) until those wintry months set upon us.

We’re already looking forward to some fantastic fall events– video premiers, free swag, and an annual game of capture the flag. Don’t want to miss out? Everything you need to know is right here!

Let’s face it, not all BUST members have the best memories, and sometimes life gets in the way of those Wednesday meetings.

Here’s the solution: check back at 2 a.m. when your at a loss for words on your philosophy paper, or at 10 a.m. when your eating Fruity Pebbles, or perhaps check in during Art History instead of taking a nap. In fact, check back whenever your little heart desires and see what shenanigans are taking place.

I’m Sydney, a senior BUST member and boarder from the Midwest. This is my fourth year as a member of BUST and it’s going to be gnarly.

See my professional portfolio here.


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