Helmet Pride!

BU Senior Louisa Mardirossian and I rockin' our lids at Loon Mountain last winter.

Over half of skiers and snowboards say they wear wear helmets on the slopes, according to a National Ski Area Association demographic study.

That means, if you don’t wear a helmet, your friend probably does.

Plus helmets can be a fashion statement with so many different colors and models to choose from. Including, those coveted audio inserts that make listening to an ipod effortless.

On Saturday, I sat down with Head Coach Howard Chauvin, of the Boston University Snowboard team, to talk about snowboard safety. He told me the story of a friend who, he says, should have been wearing a helmet.

Chauvin’s friend suffered from sever head injuries.  Chauvin and some friends from home pulled together and held a snowboard competition at their local mountain to raise money that would help pay the medical bills. Now, the competition continues in an effort to raise helmet awareness.

As Chauvin says, his friend hopes to be snowboarding again sometime this season.

The tragic, yet inspiring story of Danny Toumarkine is a reality check for everyone who doesn’t wear a helmet. “Moving Forward” documents the time before and after Danny’s snowboard accident that changed his life.


2 responses to “Helmet Pride!

  1. Such a scary experience; glad he’s doing okay. I was hit in the head by a snowboard when I was little and suffered temporary amnesia… I now wear a helmet all the time.

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