Kickin’ it with Rome SDS: “The Shred Remains” Video Premiere

“I’m living a dream right now,” says Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, aka LNP, a 24 year old from Quebec that’s been riding with Rome for five to six years.

BUST captures a moment with Rome snowboarders.

Traveling with a crew of Boston University Snowboard Team (BUST) members, I met up with Laurent and other Rome team snowboarders Saturday night at the Boston premiere of The Shred Remains. John Cavan’s third full-length film for Rome SDS, featuring back-country double corks, jib shots and urban riding that left BUST members fiending for more, and frankly, for snow.

Rome team members LNP, Johnny Lazz, Marie-France Roy and Riley Nickerson showed up to sign autographs, hand out free gear, and rage with us BUST style (Not that they didn’t already know how to hang). They wrote “Drink ’till you die” and drew a grim reaper cartoon on mine.

Riley and Laurent signing posters

“Last time we were at a Rome event, our friends got pinned to the ceiling,” said Nate Robbins, who came from Hartford, Connecticut. There was also a high school teacher from Framingham and a group of 15-year-old boys with their mom in the audience.

Lake Tahoe’s Johnny Lazz opens up The Shred Remains channeling his youthful arrogance with some jibs. Lucas Debari finds himself flying high as he picks his way through treterous mountain faces– always coming out unscathed. There’s also footage from the team riding in Japan. For some urban renewal, the bearded LNP ends the film pulling a 270 off the chain, literally off a chain.

Free Shwag!

After the film, lucky BUST sophomore who goes by “Dee” won a free Rome snowboard! We expect him pulling boardslides and back-flips by the end of the season. Rome also tossed us some custom shirts, coozies (for unspecified drinks), posters, and stickers galore.

BUST and the Rome team extended the festivities into the night. We shared our passions for shredding and got rowdy. At one point, I found myself and Becca Moura, a senior on BUST, sitting on a roof with Laurent and Riley.

“Chimney queen’s,” they called us before all the legal kids (21 and over) set out on an epic journey to share the wonderful bars of Allston, Massachusetts with our Rome friends.

Late night dancing on the Rome van.

The Shred Remains will be available on iTunes on September 29.


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